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Installing the Networking Lab CA Certificate in Internet Explorer


Installing the Networking Lab CA Certificate in Internet Explorer

Many of the websites used in the networking lab are protected by SSL using a centralized Certificate Authority (CA) provisioned in the lab. Because the CA is a private CA, it is not trusted by your computer by default. Installing the CA's certificate using Internet Explorer will tell your computer to trust the networking lab CA, and any websites that have certificates from that CA. To download and install the networking lab CA certificate, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the certificate from the following URL (only available from within the lab):
  2. Extract the certificate from the zip file and save it to your computer
  3. Open Internet Explorer
  4. Click on Tools > Internet Options
  5. Click on the Content tab, then the Certificates button
  6. Click on the Trusted Root Certification Authorities tab and then click Import...
  7. On the first screen of the Import Wizard, click Next
  8. Click the Browse... button and select the certificate file you extracted earlier (it has a .cer extension) and then click Next
  9. Ensure that Place all certificates in the following store is selected and that it says Trusted Root Certification Authorities in the Certificate store field, then click Next
  10. Click Finish
  11. A security warning will pop up confirming that you are installing the correct certificate. Click Yes
  12. The certificate has been imported and you should no longer receive certificate errors from any of the networking lab websites. Click OK
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