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Switch Password Recovery


Cisco Switch Password Recovery Procedure

All passwords used in the lab should be either cisco or class. In the event that neither of these passwords work, you can perform a password recovery by following this procedure:

  1. Ensure you have a working console connection to the affected switch. You should see the switch login prompt on your screen.
  2. Unplug the power cable from the back of the switch and plug it in again (NOTE: This will require physical access to the switch. If you are in class, ask your TA or Lab Instructor to restart the switch for you).
  3. When the switch power comes back on, immediately press and hold the mode button on the left side of the front panel of the switch.
  4. Continue holding the mode button until the SYST light turns solid orange, then let go (~45 seconds).
  5. At the switch: prompt, enter the command SWITCH_IGNORE_STARTUP_CFG=1 (this is case sensitive, so type it in all caps)
  6. Enter the command boot to begin the boot process
  7. After about five minutes you should be returned to the switch console with no configurations.  Enter no when asked if you want to enter the initial configuration dialog and press Enter to access the switch command prompt
  8. Type the erase startup-configuration and delete vlan.dat commands to erase the configuration from the switch.
  9. Enter config t to move into global configuration mode and enter no system ignore startupconfig switch all to reset the switch bootup sequence.
  10. Type exit then reload to reload the switch.

NOTE: After step 6 you may see a message that password recovery is disabled and a prompt asking if you want to erase the startup configuration.  Enter y to automatically erase the configuration and reload.  This prompt will only appear momentarily and if you miss it you will be returned to the switch console with the password still applied.  You will have to reboot and try again if this happens.

Please ensure that you always use either cisco or class as your passwords when configuring the devices, and always make sure to erase your configurations before you leave class.

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