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Log Into Pods (Local)


How to Log Into the Pods from Within the Classroom

Use the following instructions to connect to one of the networking pods while inside the lab:

  1. Plug an ordinary straight-through Ethernet cable into your laptop and plug the other end into one of the ports labeled Access Server Network Port in the diagram above. You can also access the network wirelessly by connecting to the SSID NetworkLabAccess.
  2. Your laptop should automatically obtain an address in the subnet. If it does not, please ensure that you do not have a static IP address set on your network card.
  3. Open a telnet program such as PuTTy or SecureCRT, or simply use the Windows Telnet client.
  4. Open a telnet connection to the IP address and port of the pod you are connecting to. The IP address is 172.16.0.P, where P is the number of the pod you are connecting to. The port number is 30PP, where PP is the number of the pod you are connecting to (from 01 to 12). For example, to connect to pod 5, the IP address is and the port number is </>3005.
  5. Enter the username and password given to you by the administrator to gain access to the pod.
  6. Once you are successfully logged in, you will be presented with a menu for connecting to the devices in the pod. Simply type the number next to the device you want to connect to and hit ENTER to connect.
  7. If you wish to connect to another device, type CTRL-SHIFT-6, then x, to return to the menu.
  8. If you try to connect to a device but it is already in use, you can clear the connection by typing cl# from the main menu, where # represents the number of the connection you want to clear.
  9. If you need to connect your laptop to one of the switches as a host, you can plug into the appropriate port as shown in the diagram above.
  10. When you are finished working on the pod and have cleared all of your devices, type exit from the main menu to log out.
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